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evidence in the the alleged sexual assault. they cite a lack of evidence. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> cake joins us now with a look at your world >>> who disappear among the weather states getting federal relief while other parts of the u.s. are looking for relief from mother nature. california, oregon and washington and hawaii and alaska will each get $15,000. the state says that they will not get money for the job. this morning other parts of the country says they will not get 3qlief. ,,,,,,,,,, there she is ! hey, i got a leak ! yoo hoo ! wait a minute, come back ! um, miss ? up here! right. like 85% of us, you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, you need something powerful. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. because lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must. preliminary information is it was a shooting that took place in the crowd at the event >> police are holding at least one person. some people were hit by gunfire a
of construction. it used to be an old music studio so there were some false ceilings inside. >>> it is a second alarm fire. we got on scene. it was 30% involved. it was in the rear of the structure. we heard that there could possibly be people inside, so we made an immediate surge. we found out the building was clear. after a short time we realized there was not a whole lot of access into the attic and that's where the fire spread so we backed out. >>> the have a simultaneous fire on the other side of town, one burning in vallejo and one in the east bay, tell us about the staffing issues when it comes to this fire >>> actually today we had an additional engine company and apart or truck, everyone responded to this fire. almost a melee after reese responded to this, we had to spensend our fire truck to the other when paire >>> thanks for that. amador street will probably be closed for another hour. it looks like this fire started outside the building, toward the back. >>> thinks and. if family of mountain lion has moved in near the greek theatre on campus. the where apparently hunting deer, and
there are just little minimal delays. you are you able to use so lowered duck. we're trying to cut confirm whether those lane closures are still in effect. who will stick a look. so far traffic is nice and light. who will go to our maps, we do have problems that are out by texan. both directions are shut down. more affirmation on that coming up in a bid. >>> oakland headquarters and a police car were gentle eyes last night. a group of octave is gathered down to known. there were marching just after 8:00. police are expected to reveal more after this morning. end some fireworks were legal, allot one notch. >>> obviously we respond to the gunshots more quickly than we do for a fireworks call. but we were also getting a lot of fireworks calls in one area and found many illegal fireworks >>> and the biggest fire work show in san diego went bust. these technical issue caused all the fireworks to launch all at once. it lasted 15 seconds. local police are investigating a possible hit and run. officers tells us it happened about 930 last night. police are still sorting out the details. the legisla
. >>> i don't care how they want to for a man or which shall be in the want to use, don't give those folks a radius. tried that were supposed to have a shared sacrifice, that is not a shared sacrifice. >>> gov. jerry brown could lower the cossigned a bill on publishs having to tell teachers and students the difference between additions of textbooks so they could decide whether the could use the old dirt addition are not prepared >>> they hold the e.r. i hostaged to the other work that need to be done >>> the board will revisit the matter in a couple of weeks. new details of an and murder in the angle side district. they have released a sketch of the memo pulled the trigger. investigators believe after the shooting, the gunman got into a car that was followed by a dark colored as tv. the santa clara county d.a.'s office filed charges against tony, 18 year-old gomes and another man. the believe the she may have been been related. illiana lopez never wanted to file charges on her husband. but she's been living in her native venezuela for the past few months with her son. and the rest fire has
home and school. police are looking into whether or not to use his students us to order materials. police also found a better mouse inside his home. authorities were able to clear explosives inside his home including homemade grenades. but right now investigators believe he was a loner >>> all the evidence that we have, every single indicator shows us the he was not particularly aided by anyone >>> he also attempted to join a gun club in colorado and was denied membership. the owner of the range called his home and he thought these voice messaging system was weird. >>> i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memories. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful there're brother was, or their it system or or mother was >>> jon read the names of each of the victims. the pastor who witnessed the massacre such as " we can't lay fear or anger to control of as " >>> i was asking the person who was on top of the one i was trying to help of the could move, but big cuts and big couldn't and i was just big-name the person to ple
. >>> sadly under police are looking for armed suspects who are targeting customers who are using atm machines. it happened at the wells fargo marina boulevard. five people were robbed in total. call san leandro police if you have any information connected to those crimes. a deadly stabbing it some as a marks the city's third homicide of the week. a man later died at the hospital. he is san jose's 23rd homicide victim this year. his name is pager medina, police say he may be heading for southern california and ultimately mexico. he has to distinctive tattoos. yes some letters on the back of his white shoulders. police say medina shot and killed a husband and wife in a house in san jose early sunday morning. the state medina may have been romantically involved with the woman. cbs five reporter katie is indeed news room with the warning signs >>> cbs news learned the suspect mailed a new book to the university where he dropped out of a neuroscience ph.d. program. dissented before his killings. it did not livarrive before mon. he told investigators about it when he was arrested. also this morning
with us on your facebook or web sites. >>> for those of you who can that connect this morning and do not know why, unfortunately is past the deadline to check and see if you were impacted. the reason your internet is not working is because of male where that took over computers about a year ago. the fbi turned off temporary servers that were used as a safety net. >>> your computer will not be able to connect to the internet to even if you have a proper cable connection >>> of the diet officials have been tracking computers that they thought were impacted. your only solution today is to call provider and weight. today countering starts still testing a system. the productive system will help tell passengers whether their trade will be on time. a groundbreaking could begin in a few months for a high-speed road line. this is after the state approved the first set of tracks. san francisco international airport, mayor ed lee and others will be on hand for the ground- breaking ceremony. the hundred and $2 million project will take two years to finish. >>> we're starting out with some patchy
30 minutes into the showing. heat use some type of smoke device before he opened fire according to witnesses. 10 victims have died. tragically the and this big time is reported as three months old >>> honestly i don't know who little girl that was, my heart goes out to them. i can think of someone that with the potentially hurt a little girl. >>> the suspect is in custody. there is no immediate moatemotie that this time. they are arrested the suspect behind the parking lot, apparently he did not resist. these are live pictures. there's still a large heavy police presence there. right now i believe these are shots of the apartment of where there may be explosives inside of the suspect's apartment. rsi is colorado's third largest city. it is 3 mi. away from the old victorious shooting, columbine. this is still a ongoing situation. we will continue to update you on this situation. back to you in the studio. >>> there's so much anticipation about this movie. there were so many and moviegoers that when. there is some movie confusion that this was part of the movie experience. >>> as
't wanna spend money where there will be used for it to trade we want to spend it where there is immediate utility, where there is congestion and people need this services. so we know we needed in an urban area. >>> 6 million will go to tfirst set of tracks. the entire cost of the project will be $69 billion. the money set aside for the train it is going to be a key vote today. for some people, thises moving forward in technology. and then others are saying to not waste the money. >>> you could europe, you could go anywhere on a train. economically people say that it does not make any sense. now let's check with lawrence on the weather. >>> it looks like temperatures are somewhere warmer outside. cloudier skies are extending over the bay but i think they're going to pick up fairly nicely. still in the afternoon, up in the '80s and around the bay. you will see '60s out toward the coastline and patchy fog. we laugh more on that on a moment. >>> we have some breaking news along the peninsula. we could see from our map that it is east from our is right there next to the freeway. abc in the smo
to other methods of cooling down like stocking up on ice and hosing down. both in the central and eastern u.s. millions of will be waking without power and some without homes >> i heard a boom and then i heard him screaming to get out of the house >> utility workers say the outages could last up to one week and more storms are expected to move into the region today and while they may not be as strong they could cause more outages. in the nation's capital it won't be business as usual. employees will have the option of taking unscheduled relief. >> speaking of the weather let's get a check of the weather here. >> the weather is ok here, we have fog but we're used to that. the fog has pushed on shore. very mild if you're headed out the door around the bay area. plenty of clouds out there extending over the bay bridge. 50 degrees in concord. it looks like things will be a little warmer today. numbers running into the '80s. '70s inside the bay. more on the forecast coming up. >> we are continuing to follow a fatal accident that happened overnight so all lanes are mostly back open. it is in the ar
of u.s. n who medical insurance. they're hoping to raise $2 million and are hoping the public will help amount. >>> he is a strong guy and i used to hit seeing him like that, i don't ever want to see him like that ever again >>> so far it friends have raised more tn $50,000. you could find the latest developments on our website. if 52 year-old is accused of making threats when the movie started late. police searched his backpack and his home, but there were no weapons. a man is suspected in taking part of the killing of a father and his two sons. he is accused of killing members of a family of three. >>> + they've served art country but are losing benefits, by veterans are being told they're dead when they're very much alive >>> a reservation ♪[linkin park "burn it down"] ♪[rock] ♪ [narrator] can't wait for the honda civic tour featuring linkin park? neither can we. go to facebook.com/hondacivictour for details. >>> sally, the first american woman in space has passed away. she went into space twice and spent the last 11 years motivating young boys and girls to reach for the stars.
the wires where matt explosive. and a massacre in syria, are a violent assaults >>> walt war the u.s. is so mad over olympic uniforms >>> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he says he's a shocked and appalled by these new reports. the 260 report says the head coach joe paterno concealed facts because they were afraid of reports of sandusky's molestation of a bigger boys. . and murray's attorney says he will fight to keep it. the faa eight will bipinnate sort age of 5 to overtime. airlines may fight over people that may hired people. the criminal investigation in december and dino. and a new wave of debris that are stepped, coming out. >>> super club's its shopping harvest, all because@@@@@@@@@@@q um, miss ? you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. >>> it looks like rick in for a bit of a cool down. temperatures are moving of the close, weekend forecast coming up >>> we're looking at your live look from one the one in tr
't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almost all of their checks. stand back. seriously? [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. ,,,, [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. >>> it is like a terrific scene that of a disaster movie, it happened in phoenix. a dust cloud rolled across the valley. there in arizona during summer months which is monsoon season. seven people are dead following a fiery head-on crash the trailer truck crossed the median and hit a van. the victims were inside the van about 60 west of phoenix. the vehicle caught fire after the crash. of these nine people have been arrested and at anaheim and the ninth district area of anti police protests spread an estimated the demonstrators are protesting to separate officer involved shootings in which both suspects were killed. and the postal service faces a critical deadline on wednesday. if congress does
's stock is up to 550. >>> ashley of cbs moneywatch.com joins us live from new york >>> stocks in asia were up in asia. tokyo was up and let 1% in. the nasdaq slipped 12 points. business is booming for chrysler, the car maker reported a foreign trip $36 million profit in the second quarter this year. it was the best quarter reports and seek company emerged from bankruptcy. samsung claims the designs are industry standards that have been around for years. meanwhile apple is reporting brisk sales of its operating system. users downloaded 3 million copies of mountain lion the first four days it was available. >>> the prices at the store are skyrocketing this summer >>> they are irked running up to a record high because of a drought. it is pushing prices higher for beef, chicken and vegetable. wine prices will be falling. >>> con diet is recalling a quarter of a million vehicles in the united states because of iraq problems in the sonata. the side airbags can deploy for no reason. there also recalling santa fe suvs made between 2011 and 2009. the horses were released to escape all the danger. o
to its knowledge. >>> we're hearing news of j.c. penney revived using its pricing strategy >>> business declined after it finished its business sales. now j.c. penney's will eliminate only one of this cells to keep customers satisfied. >>> 449, anyone who has used. day lending service has a chance to get in on a reimbursement program. it is a lawsuit against one of companies such as ho >>> all in order to get a refund, you will have to file a claim. you could do so from these services goes attorneys website. the city in southern california is slowing richmond's lead with the proposed so the tax clar. but it would levy a tax of 1¢, burst out of the soda. a uc-berkeley professor has received a million dollars to study anything he wants. professor elliott this is fluorine his specialty, such as space. >>> office workers apparently do not care if mondays are blue and tuesdays are grave. there is airport showing all americans willing all the same for those days. in a survey, 30 percent of workers spelled enthusiastic about their offices. about 18% felt as though they were emotionally discon
to yesterday, to overtures are expected to exceed 100 degrees again. they don't want you cooking outdoors using gas party equipment either. >>> the grass and brush fires broke out just before 9 last night at kelley park parade about 10 a. burned before the fire was contained. no buildings threatened. the fire is considered suspicious because they all began at once to fire fighters needed medical help yesterday. 14 a hornet sting and one for a chest pain. the complex fire is a 60% come train. >>> those temperatures are born to sizzle in parts of the bay area. out on the bay, skies mostly clear right now. the ridge of high pressure building overhead. that means temperatures are going to soar in a hurry. 53 degrees in and san francisco. one of two expected in fairfield. it maybe 104 degrees and higher on the coastline. >>> no official fog advisories' but pretty the coming into san francisco. we know that all lanes he's bound of highway 4 are shut down. they're doing roadwork parade were already seeing some brake lights through antioch. otherwise there are doing some road work northbound 880 approa
that he could use to take your son away from you? >>> no >>> you didn't say that? >>> no >>> mirkarimi pled guilty to false imprisonment. she says that the reason why she was crying in the video was four theo and what may happen to him and not to because of what happened here hurt >>> investigators said the officer tried to pull over the suspect was my because he was driving sporadically. shortly after word the suspect's car hit another car and mirrors six and brannan street. two other people had to be extracted from the car and brought to the hospital. police say the man has slashed a co-worker with a box cutter at a chocolate store prayed officer that's involved. police said both suspect lunched at them with a box cutter and so they opened fire. and they're looking for 20 year- old michael porter. they believe the porter was one of four men that tried to rob a jewelry store prayed to other suspects are under arrest. this footage was captured on july 10th on the 1500 block on fifth avenue. it shows the suspects leaving the home with a suitcase filled with the electronics and jewelry.
in concord. it will be a big to richer difference from what we were used to. a quick look at your seven day forecast. it looks like the same for tuesday and wednesday, and then we will he back up again. >>> we start off with a live look with a one fog advisory from chp. we are dealing with an accident on eastbound highway 4. it is blocking lanes. no delays. thing should be clear and very quickly. here is a live look at conditions along to 37 m. no delays to reports coming out of silicon valley. we will keep a close eye on muni for those tdemonstrations that could cause a delay prayed that is a look bigger morning drive, back to you guys >>> tackling alzheimer's, how exercise could current aging brain. >>> and what some are calling a freak accident coming. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> some scary moments a multiple injuries here at this big accident. video shows the scramble to rescue people dr. a deck collapsed. in the worst cases, a the results were fatal. some of the victims were just a place standing under trees. >>> three men were struck by lightning while taking shelter under a tree. >>> all of
to use the reports of their playbook against their former coach coul >>> he was punched and " death of 90 lettminutes later. ross mirkarimi is asking for for people to be subpoenaed for his ethics hearing. mayor lee responds to the allegations of lying on the stand saying " enough is enough .... the time has come from mirkarimi to start dealing with the facts. his duties to perform at sheriff fall below the standards " >>> concerns about pick congressmen and the treatment he's been bidding for the past month. >>> the controversial plant some businesses are against >>> and the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> the feds are now looking into what caused a fire retrained to parliament in columbus ohio. the train exploded yesterday in. aeroflot preliminary report should be issued next month. it calls for best private transit, it claimed dedicated for only buses. the downside it would reduce the number of claims and remove curbside parking. >>> we do believe the benefits outweigh parking lots >>> some relief to real taters real the company's board is expected to make a eight management decision any yahoo. yo
>>> they want anglers to reports any trips and catches and charge a $7.50 fee. they ban the use of stairs. >>> we have this regulation proposals and development when the video was made. i think it's just more emphasis to the need of be department needing to get the word out in protecting the fish >>> they should be arrested. that is the bottom line. people want to do what they want to do as long as its them, the rule does not a apply. >>> noah doesn't. and it doesn't necessarily make it wrong either. as for the sturgeon and, of the fish and game department does not know if it's dead or alive. and take a look at that is unique research ship that literally flipped right in the ocean. its name was flip. flip flips 90 degrees to give scientists the opportunity to study everything about the ocean. and a search team today will try to solve the mystery of a million earhart's disappearance. yesterday they rebuild that 57 distress signals transmitted within the days of her disappearance are credible. and lactose smithkline is set to paid out $3 million as a part of the largest payout t. it failed
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